Customer Stories

Rebecca and Andrew came to Northern Star through recommendation from a friend to have bespoke engagement and wedding rings made.

Rebecca was on a visit from Canada when they dropped into the shop to make their first important decision; to select a diamond for the engagement ring. We had an array of diamonds for them to choose from, to suit their budget and specifications.

We were able to deal with Rebecca remotely whilst she wasn’t in the country and after selecting her stone and approving a photo rendered CAD image of the design over email, we got to production.

Andrew collected Rebecca’s engagement ring to coincide with her next visit to the UK.

It was at this stage they agreed and decided upon their wedding rings. Rebecca’s wedding ring was designed to fit around her engagement ring to make sure that it was a perfect fit. Andrew’s ring was chosen by him and made to exact specification.

The rings were produced and all whilst Rebecca was making the transitionary move from Canada to the UK.

They were ready in time for the couple’s big day.